Total System Reboot Retreat Early Bird Tickets

The Fermain Valley Hotel from Friday 9th – Sunday 11th April 2021

Total System Reboot Retreat 

After the huge success of their first retreat in January 2021, Daniel White and Justin Wolfer are delighted to announce a further Total System Reboot weekend retreat hosted at The Fermain Valley Hotel from Friday 9th – Sunday 11th April 2021.

Total System Reboot is creating a new vision for holistic healing and transformation centred around reestablishing and strengthening our core connection with five essential pillars of health and nature’s circadian rhythms. The entire experience is designed to align your mind and body with the cornerstones of natural holistic health and your innate instinctive rhythms.

Throughout the weekend you’ll gain a thorough understanding and practical experience into the five foundational pillars of the Total System Reboot Retreat (Yoga | Breathwork | Mindmapping | Nutrition | Sleep & Circadian Rhythms) to empower you with experience and insights that will revitalise your life throughout and long after the weekend has ended.

We’ll be teaching you simple evidence-based tools, techniques and practices that will tune you into your innate capacity to heal, transform and manoeuvre in the direction that you want for your life.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is intended to connect you to your true nature. The practice of yoga is intended to centre us and integrate our minds and bodies into a state of coherence and peace. Spread throughout each day of the retreat will be a number of all-levels yoga practices which are intended to bring the mind and body into harmony and balance so that we can approach learning new skills and exploring new possibilities in an open and unified state.

An Introduction to Breathwork

The breath is a gateway to our nervous system. During the weekend you will learn several diaphragmatic breath techniques that invite peace and calmness, as well as the science between these techniques and their impact on your fight-or-flight and rest-or-digest systems (autonomic nervous system). Awareness of the effects of these systems on our brain and body is critical for developing an effective practice to help us influences the way in which we manage and interpret the inevitable challenges and stressors that we all experience throughout our lives.

An Introduction to Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a method developed by Justin Wolfer to help explore your mental and behavioural patterns so that you can reprogram them in the ways that you desire. It’s centred around developing your ability to remain present with your thoughts so that you can understand, extract and change the patterns that stand in the way of your highest aspirations for yourself. During the retreat, Justin will guide you through this process, assisting you in excavating the driving factors behind unwanted thoughts and behaviours so that you can redefine, redesign and realign with the things that you want for yourself in the year 2021 and beyond.

An Introduction to Functional Nutrition

Everyone wants to be healthy, but most of us haven’t figured out how to make food and diet serve that goal. From the perspective of Functional Medicine, there is no single “right diet” that applies to everyone, owing to the fact that we each have different health backgrounds, budgets, food philosophies and preferences. Throughout the retreat, Dan will be on hand teaching you scientifically sound approaches to finding the right way for you to eat as an individual so that you can use food to maximise your potential to achieve optimal health and reverse disease or dysfunction. He’ll also be sharing effective strategies and tools to improve your health, including how to undergo a gut health transformation process, establishing weekly shopping schedules, selecting delicious and satisfying recipes, sharing recommended cooking methods and tips for where to source high-quality local produce.

An Introduction to Sleep & Circadian Rhythms + Creating Your Personalised Sleep Improvement Plan

As a central rhythm throughout the entire weekend, Dan will be teaching you the basics of sleep and circadian rhythm science, and introducing you to practical techniques and habits that will allow you to start falling asleep more easily and sleeping more deeply, so you can wake up feeling energised, refreshed and alive. Dan will also guide you to implement this knowledge through the creation of your own personalised sleep improvement plan. This structured plan is designed to support you in continuing to practice and reinforce everything you’ll learn, ensuring that you lay the proper foundations for lasting positive changes to sleep that will be embedded and sustained for the rest of your life.

Retreat Costs

Attendance for the entire weekend including all scheduled activities and food costs £349. You can save yourself £50 if you sign up for the £299 early bird tickets available before Friday 10th February.

Six incredible meals are covered by the retreat costs, including two breakfast meals at the Buho restaurant, two two-course dinners at the Buho and Rock Garden restaurants, and two buffet lunches at the Fermain Valley Tea rooms.

Full food menus will be provided one month prior to the retreat. A variety of gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free meat, vegetarian, vegan options will be available to choose from. Food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities will also be catered for.

Hotel Accommodation

Accommodations options are available for those who wish to stay onsite at the beautiful Fermain Valley Hotel. Room prices are in addition to the retreat cost and are available on a first-come-first-served basis. We cannot guarantee room availability for later bookings, so if you wish to stay at the hotel we recommend that you book in as soon as possible.

Accommodation costs

* Silver Twin/Double Room (Road/Car Park Facing/Main Hotel) – £105.00 per room, per night based on Sole Occupancy.

* Gold Twin/Double Balcony Room (Valley View/Main Hotel) – £125.00 per room, per night based on Sole Occupancy.

* Platinum Twin/Double Room (Sea View – no Balcony/Main Hotel) – £155.00 per room, per night based on Sole Occupancy.

* Tree House Double Rooms (Tree Top Views – Tree House) – £185.00 per room, per night based on Sole Occupancy.

Should Double Occupancy be required, an additional charge of £15.00 per night would apply.


Please contact Daniel ( or Justin ( with enquiries or to request the full weekend itinerary and food menus.