6 Week Neck & Shoulders Tension Release Program



“I felt like a huge knot at the bottom of my neck and between my shoulders was untied” ~Ira

Justin Wolfer is a biomechanics specialist, international Yoga teacher and the creator of Movement Mapping Neuromuscular Training. He has designed this program to systematically:

– Release unconscious holding patterns in the shoulders and neck.
– Redevelop balance and healthy tissue.
– Improve biomechanics and body awareness so that these changes last.
– Achieve deep rest & recovery of the nervous system.

No prior Yoga or fitness experience needed.

The feedback from this course has been truly amazing! 100’s of students have reported feeling noticeable improvements in their shoulders and neck area and getting a great night’s sleep each Monday.

The 6 week course is £100.

*Preregistration is required for this series.

You will receive 6 live classes at Rise Yoga Guernsey and online access to the complete recorded practice as well as tutorials breaking down how to do all of the important exercises correctly and common mistakes to look for. The videos are yours to keep and access any time.

*while this series may assist with rehabilitation work please consult your doctor or physio if you are unsure whether to attend.

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