Movement Mapping Kinetic Stretching Certification

Welcome to Movement Mapping Online Kinetic Stretching Certification Course

Why this course was created:

The fundamental Aim of Movement Mapping Kinetic Stretching

Movement Mapping was created to solve a specific problem. Movement Mapping addresses the effects of modern technology and modern sedentary lifestyle. In short, modern human beings are under-stimulated physically and over-stimulated mentally.

Whether you decide to run, lift weights, do Yoga, CrossFit, anything else this will stand in the way of progress and raise the probability of injury.

Movement Mapping methodically addresses the tolls that modern sedentary living takes on the body and nervous system. The results are a return of range of motion, resiliency in the joints, reduced pain complaints, balance, coordination, and deep relaxation and recovery.

How the online certification works:

This course allows you to work on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Once you have successfully registered for the course you will receive login information.

There are 6 practices for you to learn focusing on specific areas of the body and neuromuscular development. You will complete each practice twice familiarizing yourself with the sequences.  After the first time practicing the sequence there will be tutorials providing further explanation of the most important technical components of the practice. You will retake the practice after studying the important components and then move to the next practice.  Once you have completed the 6 practices you will go the lecture portion of the course explaining the principles that inform this practice and how utilize these principles to assess your clients and develop personalized practices for them. Justin is available to answer any questions you have along the way and there will be a facebook group providing further support.

To complete your certification and become a certified Level 2 Movement Mapping Instructor:

In order to receive the certification to be a  Movement Mapping certified teacher you must complete all video and submit short videos of the essential components of the course in the sections named: Retention submissions

How to submit a retention submission: Retention submissions must be done in short video format.  You’ll video yourself doing the required task and then upload the video to youtube making the video private.  Submit the link to the video in the course. Here is a link on how to create a private youtube video:

Once all video have been submitted you’ll receive your course certificate and be listed on our website as a Movement Mapping Certified Teacher with your location and contact information.

Frequently asked questions:

Whats is the schedule and how long does the course take? 

There is no set schedule. This course allows you to work on your own schedule and at your own pace. If you commit about 2 hrs of course time per day you can complete the course within 2 weeks.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course and any updates I make.

Is Movement Mapping like Yoga? 

From my perspective Movement Mapping is a Yoga practice however it does not come from a Yoga lineage. It is a mat based practiced that transfers seamlessly to a yoga studio setting. It focuses on proper breath cultivation, parasympathetic stimulation, self-inquiry and introspective practice.  My aim is that its familiar enough to a yoga student expecting a standard mat based practice but introduces them to new tools and perspectives on training such as joint mobilizations, specific mobility training, task based learning, different planes of movement and human locomotive patterns.

Is Movement Mapping Recognized World Wide?

The method is recognized through the Yoga Alliance and I have currently taught this course in 8 different countries. After completing the course you will be listed as a movement Mapping Certified Teacher.

Are payment plans available? 

Yes, given the times we are happy to arrange payments into 2 or 3 installments of your choice.

Principles of Movement Mapping Kinetic Stretching

Movement Mapping 2.0 Why the Major program update?
Course Manual
What is Kinetic Stretching?
Flexibility: Active vs passive; Static vs dynamic
“There is no wrong movement just a lack of preparation.” Ido Portal
“the only bad posture is the posture we spend too much time in.” Dr Andreo Spina
“No system of the body works alone.” Dr Perry Mickleson
Nervous System Down Regulation is fundamental to healing, learning and growing
Importance of the lymphatic system

Primary Movement Mapping Kinetic Stretch Sequence

[part 1] Nervous system down regulation and diaphragmatic breathing
Breath as our primary tool for regulating internal states.
[part 2] floor sequence
Breakdown for each exercise within the floor sequence
[part 3] Spine segmentation
Breakdown of Spine segmentation sequence
[part 4] balance and locomotion sequence
breaking down for each exercise within the balance and locomotion sequence
[part 5] hip flexor, hamstring, pelvic stability sequence
Breakdown of hip flexor, hamstring, pelvic stability sequence
[part 6] Nervous system down regulation and visualization
The science behind visualization and coherence practices
Full Sequence
Marketing Movement Mapping Kinetic Stretching
Marketing Materials
Full Sequence – Movement Mapping Primary Sequence
Marketing Movement Mapping Kinetic Stretching
Marketing Materials
Retention submission for Primary sequence

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