Movement Mapping Flow State Certification

ABOUT MOVEMENT MAPPING – Movement Mapping is the next evolution in teaching for Yoga teachers and physical educators. Movement Mapping provides teachers with tools to address the adverse effects of modern lifestyles by focusing on Movement Neurology and progressive science based training principles. My vision for Movement Mapping Certification courses is to give teachers and their students more tools to create more potential for themselves in practice and in life.

Movement Mapping is effective in working with any client from high level athletes to someone that has difficulty sitting comfortably. In a group setting the Movement Mapping Method aims to address the challenge of teaching a room full of people with completely different needs, capacities and limitations. And to do it in a way that keeps the practices interesting and engaging.

Movement Mapping has 2 unique Certification Courses. You do not need to complete Level 1 to take Level 2 although it recommended that you have some familiarity with anatomy and exercise physiology.

Movement Mapping Level 1 explores the challenges of teaching group practice to students with unique anatomical needs, goals, learning processes by focusing on neuromuscular training.  This course will teach you 4 unique Movement Mapping practices based on movement planes.  How to fluidly and progressively teach a group of students improving your ability to flow through the many challenges of teaching within a group.

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