Hi! I’m Justin

International Yoga Teacher & Creator of Movement Mapping

I love seeing the “ah ha” moments in my students.

If you came to this page you are probably interested in getting to know who I am and what influenced my teaching. When I found Yoga in my late 20’s it reintroduced me to my love for the process of refinement. Exploring subtle differences in the way I did something to see how it affected the outcome. Not since my days of competitive athletics had I been so sincere to explore the subtleties of something.

I was hooked! I could not get enough of the practice and theory behind what I was doing. My Yoga teacher suggested that I enroll in their Yoga Teacher Training program and once I had completed it I quit my job and began teaching full time. 

While I don’t recommend that all aspiring teachers take this road. I knew that this was what I was going to do for the rest of life and did want to waste anytime.

Burning Man

Burning Man is known for its wild parties but my wife and I went to Burning Man when she was pregnant and we had a much different experience. We sent most of our time in the Main Camp where there were practitioners of all disciplines practicing their art in a large open space.  Dancers, martial artists, acrobats, Yogis all moving around one another. Talking and sharing about their discipline. Giving other help.  It was such a beautiful and collaborative feel in this space.

It inspired me to take a broader perspective on Movement and Spirituality.  I went to an Ido Portal Intensive and studied with the pioneer of “Movement Culture.”

Since then my philosophy as a teacher has been to
“Use the best tool for the job.”

I have since sought out masters in their fields in areas that I thought could give me more tools to work with. Studying not only traditional Yoga and Movement I have since been certified as a Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specifical, a Applied Movement Neurology Practitioner and studied Anatomy Training directly with Tom Myers.

My approach to practice and teaching is ever evolving. I am always a student first!


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ustin’s online training platform offers Courses for Teachers looking to be at the top of their fields with the latest techniques and research and for student’s looking for practices integrating the latest research on human movement, training, and applied Neurology. Justin seamless combines Yoga, Mobility training, Calisthenics, and Applied Movement Neurology.

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Justin Wolfer is the creator of Movement Mapping. He is Certified Movement Specialist through the Functional Range Conditioning System, and is a Functional Release Spine Specialist. He is Certified Through Applied Movement Neurology System as a Level 2 AMN Practitioner and currently finished his Level 3 Certification which makes him a Master Practitioner. He has been teaching Yoga full time for 12 Years and is a certified 500hr Senior Teacher. 


Justin Wolfer is a traveling teacher, trainer and founder of Rise Yoga & Movement Arts in Saratoga Springs. He’s been a full time teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Interdisciplinary Movement for 12 years and for the past 7 years has owned and operated Rise Yoga & Movement Arts Center in Saratoga Springs and now lives in Guernsey, Channel Islands.  In 2019 he founded Movement Mapping a system of training that focuses on optimizing human movement through the Neuromuscular system.

Rise Yoga integrates modern vinyasa Yoga and classical Yoga philosophy with movement based neurology and exercise physiology. Sequences are specifically designed to counter the effects of sedentary lifestyle on the brain and body.

Justin began his yoga practice learning the Ashtanga Vinyasa method, Vinyasa Flow and studying Bhakti Yoga with his teacher Raghunath. Over the past few years his physical practice has grown to include progressive gymnastics, capoeira, animal locomotion and FRC Mobility Protocols. He has studied with Ido Portal, Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains author) and is certified as an FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility specialist and FR (Functional Release) Spine specialist, and Applied Movement Neurology Level 2 Practitioner.  His passion is in mentoring other teachers pointing them in the direction of their personal expertise and leading with their highest values.

He currently lives in Guernsey, a small Channel Island between France and England with his daughter Veda and son Remy.  He owns and operates a local Yoga studio and movement space Rise Yoga Guernsey: riseyoga.gg

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