1-2-1 Coaching

Movement Mapping 1-2-1 sessions via video call

Movement Mapping is a heavily researched, science based approach toward restoring the building blocks of human movement. Imagine if your physical therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor could get together and decide the best holistic training method to resolve dysfunction and optimize physical/mental well-being. Movement Mapping aims to change the body on many levels by focusing on improved neuromuscular communication between the brain and body. You’ll teach yourself to move better, get stronger and become more flexible through all of your ranges of motion. We’ll identify patterns that have altered the tensional dynamics in the body, specific joint positions where you lack strength or motor control and then tailor your sessions to address those deficiencies. I’ve applied Movement Mapping techniques to over a 100 clients that were experiencing regular pain, dysfunction or movement limitations with incredible results.

Movement Mapping is for you if you are experiencing:

  • loss of range of motion, decreased mobility.
  • plateaus in training.
  • back pain/dysfunction.
  • neck & shoulder pain/dysfunction.
  • SI Joint, sciatica.
  • tight hip flexors/hamstrings.
  • rehabilitating injuries – ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulder, elbow, wrists.
  • chronic stress, anxiety, fatigue, loss of motivation, insomnia.


"Movement mapping has made such a difference to my life, I'm not in pain and haven't had any flair ups since starting this journey with you - it's amazing! Thank you so much."

Justin Wolfer Fitness Online Personal Training

Over the past 12 years I have travelled and taught Yoga and interdisciplinary movement studies full time in over 20 countries. Recently, my focus and passion for teaching has shifted to working primarily 1-2-1 with students.

I’ve worked individually with students both in person and online experimenting with many different mediums.

What I’ve found is that we are all uniquely different in both our physical needs and in our preferred medium of receiving support from coaches and mentors.

While hiring a coach or a mentor is not always necessary, I have found that an effective coach can exponentially speed up the process. A good coach can get you unstuck and provide the missing link to move you forward. An effective coach will have you dreaming bigger!

And don’t forget about the power of levity. How often do we get stuck in life just by taking ourselves too seriously? How great does it feel when that weight is lifted? There is no better feeling than smashing your goals with someone that makes the process fun and rewarding.

Justin Wolfer Fitness is a 1-2-1 coaching service that takes care of everything! You just bring the why and I’ll design you a custom fitness plan based on your schedule and needs. 
Your fitness plan also includes:

  • flexible and realistic dieting to get you to your goals.
  • monthly check in’s to make sure we’re on track. 
  • unlimited access to me and my library of practices that include mobility training for every joint, breath work, meditation practices and so much more.  

And this service comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If we’re not hitting your goals and having fun doing it I refund your money. No questions asked.
If you’re interested in learning more send me a message for a free phone consultation.

Mind Mapping 1-2-1 Guidance

Organize your mind so that it works for your highest aspirations.


Mind Mapping 1-2-1 Guidance

Mind Mapping is a mindfulness practice that aims to identify patterns, motives and fixed beliefs structures that we hold about ourselves, others and our environment. Learn to identify these patterns, explore their origins and release them creating space for you to create a new possibility for yourself.

The program is month to month. You have unlimited access to me via text, email. I’ll respond within 24hr. We meet in person or talk over the phone 4 times over the course of the month for 60 minute’s 1-2-1 and you receive self-inquiry work to do on your own in between sessions.


The practice focuses on 4 unique practices:

Developing Focus, clarity, Resonance (increasing the potency of your thought)

Introspection and unconscious exploration. excavating fear based narratives and subsequent behaviors.

Reorganizing, reorienting towards to ones highest values and aspirations.

Coherence or Manifesting - inward state leads to outward experience of life. Visualization of the future you want to create with elevated emotional resonance will further lead you in the direction you seek.

Movement Mapping Business Coaching for teachers

Are you looking to shift how you teach? 

Make more money?

Add new streams of revenue?

Be less dependent on studios or gyms for your income?

I’m currently working with several teachers to do just that. If you need someone that will help you to clarify your professional goals, stay on task, provide feedback and help you to market your talents in a rapidly evolving market then I’m your guy.

What’s better is that I’m offering 1 month of this service at no additional cost. If you purchase Movement Mapping Level 2 I’ll guide you through learning the system and creating a marketing strategy to get you started towards finding consistent clientele and developing an exciting new career.